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Perfume of America

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1 Perfume of America on Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:28 pm

Perfume of America

Astrology and numerology is a hobby of mine and recently, out of curiosity and for my study, I decided to make an astrological chart of President Obama. I started with collecting some data like DOB etc. A few things stood out. Check it out for your self.
Let me start with giving you a small background of what I have learnt of this so called unscientific science - numerology

Over the years dabbling in this subject, I have concluded that numbers 8 and 4 are the two most significant individual numbers and are karmic numbers in my opinion. I call it the ”8 n 4 Syndrome”. Their effects and results are very consistent (70%) and they are very closely connected. Number 8 being the number of planet Saturn, has very strong effects and somehow I have found that it is very influential on people who are ruled by it. Number 4 is half of 8 and is also in many other ways very connected with 8.

In basic numerology all numbers are added up to the final last digit, eg. 22= 4 or 26=8 or 19=10=1 or 20=2. So if you are born on lets say 12th of any month then you are a number 3 (there are variants in numerology).

I am not going to go into the good and bad effects of numbers 8 and 4 but I will add that any one who is either of these two numbers has a more dramatic life compared to the other numbers. Numbers 8 and 4 are in my opinion the most volatile in the list.

If you are either a number 8 or 4, then these numbers will play a significant part in your life in more ways than one. Check these out:

1. Your house, car or office, etc will be or total to 8 or 4.
2. Your college roll card or exam or any other important number
3. Your spouse or parents, kids or siblings birth dates
4. Significant days of your life, like marriage, travel, incidents, events
5. Most of your friends birth dates
6. You will be most attracted to anything anyone that have these numbers
7. Your shopping or other favorite places

I mean these numbers will be very prevalent in your life. How does it influence you will depend on further study of your birth chart. However, coming back to President Obama, it will be funny now to say that he was destined to be great. That we all know already and this article is not about predictions it is just a few coincidences that I noticed.

President Obama DOB : 4 Aug 1961 - 4 8 8
Time of birth: 7:24 pm (7+2+4=13=4)
Declared President elect: 4 Nov, 2008 - 4
He is the 44th President of the United States - 8
Michelle Obama (spouse) DOB: 17 Jan 1964 - 8
Malia Ann (daughter) DOB: 4 July 1988 - 4

President Obama became the 44th President in 2008, the 8th year of the new millennium.

President Obama is the 3rd youngest President of USA. They are:
President Theodere Roosevelt – 26th President - 8
President John F Kennedy - 35th. President - 8
President Barack Obama - 44th. President - 8

President JFK was 44 years old when President Obama was born. He may have been conceived on 8 Nov 1960, the day JFK was elected President.
The LIFE magazine issue of 4 Aug 1961 has President JFK on the cover. That was the day when President Obama was born.

The first official overseas trip President Obama made was on his 71st day - 8 - of becoming President on 4 Mar 2009.

President Obama signed the first stimulus package of $ 787 billion (7+8+7=22=4) on 17 Apr 2009.

There are more coincidences and possibly could be plenty more if one would track them. What do these coincidences signify? Probably nothing or possibly many things.

For me, I respect President Obama and believe in his leadership. I believe that he is a great world leader and that he will be crucial in maintaining world order and peace. I believe that he will be a two term President though it will be during the toughest times the world has seen, especially during his second term and particularly between the period July 2013 to August 2014. I believe he is and will prove to be the best Man to lead during turbulent times. I also believe that he is the true fragrance of USA in contemporary times.

Maybe history will nickname him "Perfume of America".

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